+ Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) was founded by Gary & Mary Young in 1995 and has grown organically since, always leading the way for the Essential Oil industry which is at an all-time high. Young Living is the parent company to Doterra (est. 2008), which many people in the NW are more familiar with. 

+ Seed-to-Seal Guarantee is promised by Young Living for every single product it makes. Seed - Cultivate - Distill - Test - Seal- visit the website to watch videos and learn about this five-step process.

+ Largest selection of single oils and oil blends available. 

+ Scientific Advisory Council and FDA- Young Living works with both of these organizations among many others.   We are moving toward that in the US as we are the first Essential Oil company to have products approved for over-the-counter sale (our pain creme and our all-natural cough drops).

+ Young Living-owned farms are scattered around the globe, and we partner many other existing farms, always insisting on the best practices in the industry.

+ Visit a Farm & Participate anytime, worldwide- our company is transparent. 

Visit the Seed-to-Seal website to see each of Young Living's Farms.

+ Green & sustainable business practices such as using essential oil blends for weed control (no pesticides whatsoever), seed selection, composting all leftover material- knowing that many products go "out of stock" for a season and some are limited "one a month per customer" due to supply and demand and the integrity to make the products right. (For consumers, this means planning ahead and stocking up)

+ Expansive collection of alternative, non-toxic household products & supplements to support a multitude of healthy lifestyles.

+ Opportunity to receive free product and income for sharing the goodness, but never any strings attached or pressure to sell. In fact, this has been the least "salesy" company I've ever encountered. So much about helping, sharing, and teaching.

+ Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

+ Wellness, Purpose and Abundance: there are many benefits to a Young Living membership: company is focused on all areas of holistic health beyond using the oils-- the community and encouragement is incredible!

+ It is Gary and Mary Young's vision to get these healing oils into every single home. Young Living is constantly expanding worldwide and healing as they go. Read and see more about the Young Living Foundation here

+Young Living's Flickr is periodically updated with photos of Harvests, Relief Efforts, Company Events, and more! Check it out... 

I love the heart of this company, I've loved every product they've sent me, every interaction on the phone, and the fact that when I put my dollar here, I am supporting a Farm-to-Home production.