+ Always read the label for safety guidelines. 

+ Keep oils out of reach of children! Teach proper usage and only let them use oils when supervised as they learn self-care. 

+ Young Living Oils are highly concentrated, using them sparingly is recommended - 1-2 drops will do the trick! Plus, it will make your oils last longer.

+ The oils come with orifice reducer on the end as a safety and control precaution.  Look for the tiny dot, that is where the oils comes out. Notice some oils come out very quick and some slow. 

+ Many of the oils are meant to be diluted. Do not dilute with water (remember oil & water don't really mix), always use a carrier oil. If there is an accident and the oils is irritating an area, use your carrier oil and wipe off. If some is accidentally ingested by a child, give them milk & contact your healthcare provider. 

+ For more in-depth Safety, see the Essential Oils Safety Guide and Product Safety Guidelines.

+ If you have a health condition, do your research regarding how oils may affect you differently.