My journey with Essential Oils started when I was pregnant with my second baby. I became very interested in natural modes as I did a homebirth and began caring for our family more naturally than the drugstore route, and my eyes were opened to being proactive in our health. It felt amazing (and still does) in my mama heart! 

I discovered Young Living Essential Oils at the perfect time. Desperately searching for toxin-free cleaning, wellness methods that work, and a way to make my home and life smell better, this was an answer that made sense on so many levels.

I never expected to love a company or a product as much as I love this. It has been such a joy to connect & share Young Living with my friends and family and hear their unique stories!


Each & every journey is unique, beginning with WHY. Why are you seeking out Essential Oils? There's an oil for that, baby.

How can your wellness, your spirit, your mind be improved? Start with that, take baby steps and incorporate them as routine. Use them, and incorporate your favorites as a daily part of life. You will reap the benefits ten-fold. Maybe you'll love it all so much that you'll start sharing and reaping the abundance YLEO has to offer, too.

Life is short, if you are wanting these oils in your home there is no time like the present. Start using them and seeing things change. We will teach you how to incorporate your oils so that you feel empowered!